Tips / FAQs

We are happy to give you here more information about traveling with a camper in Peru!

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you plan and customize your itinerary to ensure that you make the most of your time in Peru. We understand the importance of flexibility, affordability, and convenience when it comes to travel, which is where we put our efforts to ensure you a comfortable journey.

With a few basic travel rules, it is not at all dangerous to travel in Peru. These include not going to certain places in the middle of the night, being careful with your personal belongings in crowds and not showing signs of wealth. Peruvians are very welcoming to travellers who introduce themselves and are respectful of their customs.

It will probably take a few hours or a few days for a western driver to get used to the traffic rules and customs. Generally speaking, while some Peruvian drivers would find it difficult to retake their theoretical exam, they are still careful drivers who value their lives. The accidents we hear about most include bus companies, which weighs heavily on the national traffic statistics.

There is no national legislation that regulates camping. So in theory you can stay overnight anywhere. Again, communication is most important (with the owner of the neighbouring field, with the villagers, etc.).
Avoid the beaches of the north coast between Lima and Chiclayo and prefer private mini-campsites in the villages.

Travel light! We provide bedding and crockery as well as the necessary tools. In addition, you will find alpaca jumpers, general clothing and all other necessary items!

Yes, and friendly! But for that you have to get in touch with them. They are rather shy people (in the Andes) and they have their hearts in their hands. They will be happy to invite you for a coffee, a soup or another snack, but in their custom everything is exchanged (symbolic amount or other). But beware of the clever ones who would like to take advantage of this and always keep a watchful eye!

Yes, our vans include a gas cooker, as well as a fridge, sink, water, all necessary dishes and bedding (except for the roof tent) and basic tools.
We also hire out camping chairs and a camping table on request, as well as other accessories, such as a baby seat.

First of all, consider the time factor and the purpose of your trip. In order to have enough time to live it, to discover with pleasure all the richness of Peru, do not count more than 150km per day on average. Indeed, the idea is to drive slowly (60km/h) in order to enjoy the landscapes! We are happy to help you with any question regarding your route! A great tool to find good camping spot in Latin America is ioverlander.

For a trip from Lima to Cusco, count min 2 weeks for example. For one week, stay in the region of Cusco and Titicaca.
For 3 weeks, you can really get to know the people who are not affected by tourism and include the north of Peru, or the whole south.

Our campers do not have an indoor shower, but an outdoor shower. Often our travellers plan a stop in a small hotel every 2-3 nights, or rent a shower in a hotel. There is also water and showers at most petrol stations.

We are a camper van rental company, organizing roadtrips for more than 20 years with our sister company Pasión Andina. We hire campervan, 4×4, van and also offer transport services with driver. We are located in Cusco, the base for all our vehicles. We can take you to or pick up the vehicle in another city on request.

Should you have any more question, please contact us